Why $WORK Spiked Over 500% in One Day!

Hey there! Today was an absolute gift from the Market! There were tons of opportunities out there! Today I am going to discuss how $WORX ran over 500% in one trading session. I fucking called the entire move! Please I want you to watch the two video recaps below. The first one was my Pre-Market Analysis on $WORX, where I discuss my opinion on the stock. I was dead on but I did not expect his to spike nearly too $15. In the second video, I discuss what a Short Squeeze is and what a Gap Reversal is. So what led $WORX to spike over 500%? Find out below. In addition. I will embed a post from the last major supernova $BPTH. Please give it a read, as the same principles apply to $WORX. Enjoy!


$WORX Intraday

$BPTH Low Float Blog Post from March 10, 2019

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